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About the project

We partnered with Immune House, a unique dining concept merging exceptional cuisine with ready-made meals. Our goal: to create a compelling brand that embodies Immune House's essence, providing diners an unforgettable meal at home.

Our journey started with crafting a distinctive logo and branding, reflecting the restaurant's commitment to clean food and modern meal solutions. Our design captures the fusion of Immune-boosting ingredients and sophisticated presentation.

Additionally, we designed Immune House's inaugural website to mirror the vibrancy of their food and brand. It showcases menus and dining options while maintaining a vibrant online presence.

Throughout the project, we provided marketing strategy consultations, guiding them in storytelling and content strategies tailored to their target audience, coinciding with their launch.

This partnership showcases our dedication to bringing brands to life through creative design and strategic marketing. We eagerly anticipate serving more businesses with the same creativity and commitment.

Client: Immune House

Year: 2022

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